Why GSA?

GSA is widely recognised by the entertainment industry as a provider of the foremost musical theatre training in the world and the period between 16 and 20 years of age are vital years in a young person’s professional preparation.

We use our expertise and knowledge to develop your skills in the rudiments of dance, acting and singing to achieve the higher level of attainment needed for successful auditioning.

Programme overview

The part-time course is for students aged 16 and over who elect to stay at school or college for A levels as well as those who are funding themselves towards higher education and have a passion for the theatre. It is designed to prepare students towards successful application and audition into drama school or college.

The course will be complementary to full time study or work, concentrating on vocational training by means of master classes, graded examinations, teaching elements, audition preparation and performance experience.

Classes are held out of school or office hours at GSA on two evenings a week, usually from 5.30pm until 8.30pm. Each course runs for ten weeks.

Entry requirements

To apply for the Part-time evening course, no audiiton is required. Please download and complete the application form below



Student fees are £3,330 per annum.  £330.00 is due upon accepting your place on the course and £1000.00 per term is payable at the start of each new term.  There will be three terms per year

This includes

  • Tutoring for two evening classes per week (each session lasting three hours) for a total of ten weeks
  • Examination entries paid for
  • Three out of school hours specialised one week courses
  • Optional Saturday classes at the GSA Saturday School

Term dates

Summer term 2017 dates:

  • Start of classes: 2nd May
  • End of classes:  13th July
  • Half-Term (no classes): 30th May/1 June

Contact us

For more information contact us on:

T: +44 (0)1483 684048

Programme structure

The course is divided into three core components.

1. Master Classes

Each week students will attend class in one of the major disciplines of the performing arts. Visiting coaches will be engaged from time to time but we will have permanent staff that will be guiding the students through the course. Some classes will take the form of rehearsals, when a performance is in preparation.

2. Examinations

Students will be prepared individually to take examinations in acting (LAMDA) and singing (LCM).

3. Audition Technique and Preparation of Audition Material

Acting: Students will prepare a number of pieces suitable for drama school auditions and/or professional work. Students should aim to gather a repertoire of at least six acting pieces (two classical, two period and two modern).

Singing: At least four contrasting songs will be prepared. These will be chosen with the tutor to demonstrate the vocal range and presentation ability of the student.