Why GSA?

Our series of one day courses are delivered by professional trainers who work within the performing arts at the world renowned Guildford School of Acting. They offer a fresh approach to developing your skills including hints and tips that actors and theatre professionals use to deliver a winning performance.

Programme overview

In business we all need to communicate and get our message across with clarity and impact. Actors face a similar challenge to deliver their story with feeling and belief to their audience.

At GSA we believe that the voice and presentation training which we provide for our students, many of whom go on to successful careers in both stage and screen, is equally relevant in a business setting. Learning and practicing the techniques used by actors will help you to build confidence and success in all aspects of communication.

The Course Director is Chris Palmer, Head of Voice at GSA. Chris has worked with the World Economic Forum in Geneva, the Head Buyer for Harrods, female clergy, Teachers, Politicians, Councillors, Mayors and public speakers of all kinds.

Is it for me?

This course is designed for those who lack confidence in speaking publicly.  You will learn techniques for how to improve vocal and personal impact including:

  • Insight into reading body language
  • Posture: how confident do you appear
  • Breath and pitch: helping you voice carry and keeping your audience focussed on what you are saying
  • How to control nerves


Vocal confidence workshop £50 for a half day

We can run these one-day courses at your premises – prices starting from £3000 per day (max 8 delegates)

Contact us

For further information, or to discuss tailored training requirements please contact:

Sam Lloyd