BA 2nd Year Actors - Rex Doyle Studio, Ivy Arts Centre
21st, 22nd, 23rd March 2019

“Go on then table, speak. You tell us, you were there, you’ve always been there.” An epic tale of belonging, abandonment, identity and the things we pass on and regret. It’s a human truth that we often inflict the worst pain on those we are supposed to love. As a family table is handed down from generation to generation we travel through the years and across continents from Tanganyika to a Herefordshire commune and finally to a very modern fractured family in South London in 2013.

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Tickets £15/Concessions £13

“As the play progresses the audience is made constantly aware of the way people are both shaped and damaged by their parents” The Telegraph

By Tanya Ronder

Director Grainne Byrne

Presented by arrangement with Nick Hern Books