Applying Shakespeare II

One day conference - Lecture Theatre A & B
Saturday 1st June 2019

Surrey Shakespeare Centre, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham

Keynote Speaker: Helen Nicholson, Professor of Theatre and Drama at Royal Holloway, University of London

Shakespeare’s work continues to occupy a unique position within contemporary education, performance and popular culture.  Applied theatre is an umbrella term for a range of performance forms, often in non-theatrical spaces and with an agenda of personal or social change. When these two fields combine, the results can be transformative for those involved. This is an opportunity for practitioners, service professionals and scholars to come together to consider the uses of applied Shakespeare, sharing best practice and considering the efficacy and impact of new and existing projects.

Following the success of our first gathering at the Shakespeare Institute in 2018, this one-day conference considers how Shakespeare is used within applied theatre contexts.  Papers and contributions will address Shakespeare’s relation to learning difficulties; diversity; disability arts; mental health; performance in custodial settings; therapeutic interventions; accessibility; and pedagogy.

Venue: Lecture Theatres A & B, University of Surrey


Image:  A Midsummer Night's Dream (Flute Theatre)

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