Laban Movement Choir Project

19:30 Bellairs Theatre, Ivy Arts Centre
Wednesday 2nd May 2018

This project explores Rudolf von Laban’s “movement choirs” from a 21st century perspective and what it means to move within a group.

Choreographed by Teaching Fellow Laura Weston (GSA), students from across GSA programs will come together to research and develop a piece to be shared as a “work in progress”.The group will harness their own physical expressive landscapes throughout the creative process and will explore the inner and outer expressivity of the body in space using Laban’s methods. Laura’s career as a dancer and movement practitioner is the key influence for this work and her continual process as an artist is fed by the actors and dancers she works with. Her passion for movement, physical theatre and how bodies in space connect has been the driving force for this work and she is thrilled to be sharing this process with the students involved. The piece will last 45 minutes followed by a post performance discussion.

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