Francis Angol Performance

Thursday 19th April 2018

The Movement Angol Dance Performance

Performance 1: Moving - Breathing - Being - (15mins)

15 minute solo exploring embodied presence, a fundamental aspect of Movement Angol's language of Contemporary African dance. The solo explores the embodied relationship between the intoxicating dialogical artistry of rhythm in conversation with the physical and mental body, embellished by one' individual experience of self other and existence. (Performed by Francis Angol)


Performance 2: I Care, You Care (40minutes)

As part of the company’s Engaging Ageing project, ‘I Care, You Care’ is a new creation, reflecting the issue of being a carer. The work performed by an all male company of three, dynamically unfolds with an animated sensibility, to give an emotional response to the experience of a care giver. Through the expression of contemporary dance art that is underpinned by the dynamics and lyrical contemplations of Angol’ movement sensibilities, framed within its polycentric moves and rhythms, the piece will pleasantly take you through a journey that will inform and entertain the onlooker. (Performed by Company)

This performance follows the Uyir in Unaru dance performance.  

BOOK NOW for this evening performance, 19:30 PATS Studio Theatre

This performance is also part of the CPP Diaspora Embodiment of Hope Symposium. For more information and to book visit here