The Importance of Being Earnest

Two Gents Productions
Tuesday 19th February 2019

7pm, Rex Doyle Studio, Ivy Arts Centre

The Importance of Being Earnest


£10 (£8 conc, £5 student/U18)

Oscar Wilde's classic, witty and laugh out loud comedy of mistaken identities, confusion and cucumber sandwiches. On the surface it's a light, fluffy jibe at the nonsensicalness of the rich and upper class. At a deeper level, it is also a profound plea for sincerity & caring in the face of adversity.

Imagining a thoroughly diverse and integrated English society, 2 British-African women play all characters and bring to life this 19th century comedy of manners in an at once mocking and lovingly playful tone. Embracing wild wit, deft humour, role swapping and banter with the audience, they unfurl a riot of love, confusion and high jinks.

A perfect show for anyone ready for a good night out, looking for a bit of comedy & entertainment, hankering for a fresh take on a classic play or simply a fan of good theatre. This includes adults of all ages, young adults and children from the age of 11 and above.

Two Gents