Plodding On

Ian Ricketts presents...
Monday 7th October 2019

6:30pm - 8pm

Bellairs Theatre

Join us to celebrate the release of an Ricketts' series of poems entitled 'Plodding On'. Ian will perform live at GSA in the Bellairs Theatre

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All our forebears, humble or exalted, recorded themselves, whether in painting artefacts, or elaborate memorials, which, directly or indirectly were preparation for an afterlife. Even the memoir, so often now presented as a vindication of decisions made, a personal apologia, is a kind of covert process. Children at one time were encouraged to keep a diary, entering events each day with their privacy respected. Later this became a journal with ingredients of reflection so, from a Pepys decoded, an Evelyn or a Kilvert, the entirely distinct response to an ever changing history makes vivid (often from incidents of seeming little consequence) the questions with which each being must contend, irrespective of fortune or social group.

Coming upon letters or journals we have kept years later we are appalled by our own transparency, by this standing naked in the past, and give thanks for merciful obscurity. Finding such records of our parents and grandparents, however, we are unashamedly intrigued and necessarily forgiving. We are also illumined, humbled and protective, sometimes even inspired.

Everyone should assay a journal in some form, a kind of note taking in rehearsal for the performance that soon enough will pass. It seems unlikely but this will become integral to our successors. It is our gift to the yet to be, to the unknown.

Plodding On really is a resolve to persevere. In conversation we often realise that our greatest gift is to listen. Words may be unnecessary but the intent to hear is essential, then we share the absurd, the inexplicable and our helplessness. We can laugh freely and forgive ourselves. We can try again.