The Sea

11th, 14th, 19th, 22nd
19th and 22nd February 2019

Set in a small East Anglian seaside village at the height of the Edwardian world of 1907, this fascinating blend of wild farce, high comedy, biting social satire and poetic tragedy features a collection of eccentrics who gather in the wake of a wild storm.

A man drowned on his wedding eve, a raving, drunkard coastguard who can’t or won’t help; a passing draper who believes that hovering alien spaceships are slowly replacing people’s brains and bastion of middle-class respectability, Mrs Rafi: The Sea explores this collection of eccentricity, the bitter collision of class, and the fierce burning of grief. A play that shifts between light-hearted comedy and desolate poetry in an examination of rural manners and humanity’s unqualified potential.


Tickets £15/Concessions £13

“a comedy that argues it is possible to change the world” Michael Billington

By Edward Bond

Director Dominic Rouse

By arrangement with Samuel French Limited

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the Sea