2nd Year BA Actors - Rex Doyle Studio Theatre, Ivy Arts Centre
1st February 2018, 2nd and 3rd March 2018

By Ariel Dorfman

“Mr. Dorfman’s compassion for the suffering of the women is palpable” New York Times

The only sign of the lost is a corpse that floats down the river one day…..

In this universal tale of the dynamics of diseased societies a brutal conflict has come to an end, with the ruling class victorious and the military in firm control. In a country village women await news of the dozens of men taken captive by the army, supposedly for being involved in the rebellion or for holding dissident views.

Adapted from Dorfman’s 1983 novel of the same name, Widows depicts the quiet rebellion of a group of peasant women whose husbands, sons and fathers have disappeared into the deadly maw of the military junta fighting on behalf of a rich oligarchy.

Director                Dominic Rouse

By arrangement with Samuel French Limited