Snooper's Charter

BA Theatre & Performance - COMPANY 6891
17th, 18th, 19th May 2018

PATS Studio Theatre

Presented by 3rd year BA Theatre & Performance students.

When was the last time you were truly alone? Completely unobserved? Total privacy? 

Inspired by theatre companies Gecko and Frantic Assembly, 6891 bring this energetic and fast-paced performance to the PATS Studio Theatre.  Everything you thought you knew about public and private is about to be upturned. 
Because you never know who’s watching…
6891 is a final-year BA Theatre and Performance company.  Snooper’s Charter is their debut performance.

NB. This production contains flashing lights and images.This production contains haze.


7.30pm 17/18 and 19 May

Admission Free but booking advised Book now

Snoopers Charter