Uyir in Unarvu and Shift: Voicing Presence

Thursday 19th April 2018

Following extensive research in Colombo and Jaffna, Uyir in Unarvu is the first in a series of performance events showcasing the role of Bharatanatyam in people’s lives. Exploring the experiences of mature students and an international team of professional dancers, and accompanied by renowned musicians, Unarvu deconstructs the relationship between dance and dancer. UYIR is conceived and directed by Stella Uppal-Subbiah. Find out more

BOOK ONLINE NOW or call 01483 68 6876, 19:30 PATS Studio Theatre

This performance is followed by the Francis Angol dance performance.  

This performance is also part of the CPP Diaspora Embodiment of Hope Symposium. For more information and to book visit here