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Foundation programmes

Foundation Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre students will be required to prepare:

2 contrasting songs – one of which must be a pre 1965 legit and the other a contemporary song.

2 monologues – one classical but not necessarily Shakespeare and one modern.

Please ideally choose songs and monologues that reflect your own playing age.

There will be a dance class so please bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

Everyone auditioning will be interviewed by the panel.
This will be an all day audition process

Successful candidates will be notified via email.

Foundation Acting

Acting students will be required to prepare:

Two monologues of no more than 2 to 3 minutes each. One contemporary/modern (post 1950) and one Shakespeare.

The speeches should be contrasting and in your own accent. Ideally the characters you choose should be close to your own playing age.

Auditionees will be required to take part in both a movement and acting workshop, so please bring comfortable clothing and footwear which will enable you to move freely.


Successful candidates will be notified via email.


BA Actor Musician

Applicants will be expected to prepare and take part in:

  • Acting Workshop: Candidates must prepare one classical speech, preferably by Shakespeare, which is no longer than two minutes.
  • Movement Workshop: You will need dance wear (jazz and ballet), please do not bring loose, poor fitting attire.
  • Singing / Instrumental Workshop: All candidates will be asked to sing and play a piece on their chosen instrument.
    • One song (of your own choice) of no more than two minutes. The song should be chosen to demonstrate vocal strength and effective character portrayal.
    • One solo instrumental piece of between two and three minutes. An accompanist will be available if required; please bring the necessary sheet music.
  • A short interview

The panel will be looking for musicianship, vocal versatility, agility and optimum vocal health. Please note that GSA does not provide instruments and you will need to bring your own. There will be a secure area on the day for you to store your instrument.

BA Musical Theatre

Auditions for the BA Musical Theatre take place in two parts.

If you are successful at your first audition you will be invited to GSA for a second audition.

The first audition will include both a singing and a dance workshop.

For the singing workshop, you will need to prepare one musical theatre song of your choice. The song should be published and last no longer than three minutes.

There is no need to prepare anything in advance for the dance workshop.

You will be advised of the outcome of your audition either via e-mail or UCAS track within two weeks of your audition.

Further information about your second audition will be sent to you if you are successful at the first audition.



MA/MFA Musical Theatre

The day begins with a dance workshop, then singing and acting auditions.

Please prepare:

  • Two contrasting songs demonstrating your vocal strengths and ability. One song must be from the musical theatre repertoire (not a juke-box show) and the other can be either from a musical or from the pop/rock repertoire.
  • One speech (from a play written after 1900, of not more than two minutes. This should be in your own accent.

BA Acting & MA/MFA Acting

Applicants for BA and MA Acting programmes should prepare:

  • One classical monologue of not more than two minutes (pre-1800)
  • One contemporary monologue of not more than two minutes (post-1950)

Speeches should be in your own accent and ideally close to your own playing age.

You may be asked to take part in workshop exercises including theatre games and improvisations, and to take part in other ensemble activities.

You may be asked to re-present your speeches in a different way, so be prepared for this.

You may not be required to perform all of the prepared speeches.

You may also only be required to perform an extract of an audition speech – please be prepared to be flexible in the work you are asked to present.

You may be required to attend a second round audition.



BA Theatre Production

Candidates will be interviewed by the Programme Leader and/or a Senior Faculty Member. They will be interested to hear about any background you have in drama, your specialist interests and ambitions for the future. If you have a portfolio of work please bring it with you. You will be shown around and meet teaching staff and members of the current Theatre Production programme.