The third annual Practice Research Symposium at the University of Surrey  
Saturday 13th January 2018

 Ivy Arts Centre, University of Surrey, Guildford  10am-8pm

‘Atmospheres are quasi-objective, namely they are out there; you can enter an atmosphere and you can be surprisingly caught by an atmosphere. But on the other hand atmospheres are not beings like things; they are nothing without a subject feeling them.’ (Böhme 2017)  

The University of Surrey will be hosting the third Practice Research symposium this year on the theme of Atmospheres.  This day-long symposium will bring together the work of academic and independent practitioner-researchers and is aimed at all who are interested in how atmospheres intersect with research and artistic practice.  

From the gaseous envelope that surrounds the Earth, the vital air that all life forms breathe in and out, to that intangible presence in spaces, performances, poetry and writing that speaks to our feelings (sensory/perceptual/emotional/gut), atmospheres are anything but stable. Böhme argues that atmospheres constitute the mediation of a subject-object dichotomy, and suggests that they necessarily have both an environmental and a personal aspect.

The symposium will take shape through talks, performances, workshops and a showcasing of arts practice. We are delighted to be joined by our keynote presenter Dr Bronislaw Szerszynski, Reader in Sociology from Lancaster University, who will invite us to explore ‘drift’ as a complex and intricate form of motion produced within the extended body of a dynamic and evolving planet.

Contributing presenters include practitioner-researchers from the fields of film, theatre, dance, digital arts and music. 

This year’s event is supported by Guildford School of Acting and is being organised by Amie Rai and Will Osmond.

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For further information, please email Amie Rai

Standard fee - £10

Students - £5

Lunch and refreshments are included as part of the day.

Image Copyright: Lily Saporta-Tagiuri, Cloud Catchers
Cloud catcher