Covid-19 Updates

GSA Health and Safety Measures

GSA has implemented health and safety measures following government guidelines to keep everyone safe.



Federation of Drama Schools Response to Covid-19 Pandemic

Professor Sean McNamara, Head of GSA: "The Federation of Drama Schools (FDS) represents twenty of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of professional conservatoire performance and technical training.  As a community of artists, creators, and innovators, we have come together during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide support, guidance, reassurance and inspiration to our students, staff, graduates, alumni, colleagues and friends within the creative industries. The scale and impact of the coronavirus crisis has been significant upon our sector and related industries, which holds dear the ethos of embodied practice and the necessity of physical interaction in pursuit of understanding and celebrating the human condition. Whilst we are unable to determine the duration of the outbreak we are united in meeting the societal and educational challenges we collectively face with a shared determination and limitless imagination..."

Read the full FDS Response to the Covid-19 pandemic and our collective efforts to support students, colleagues and the creative industries HERE