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26 May-28 May


In a war-torn village, all the men have disappeared, and a military junta rule. Down by the river, the women wait, and hope. When bodies start to wash up on the river’s banks, the women defy the military the only way they can.
28 May-4 June

GSA Scratch & Company Season 2022

The GSA Scratch & Company is a presentation of work at an early stage consisting of short films, readings of new scripts, short performances, one-person shows, and stand-up comedy.
2 June-4 June


A disturbing, identical dream haunts Londoners caught in the grip of economic crisis and street protests. As the prime minister considers whether to go to war, a young man returns home. He has a vision for the future.
3 June-8 June

The Wind In The Willows

Join the impulsive Mr Toad as he lands himself in great trouble and in danger of losing his home to the wicked Wild Wooders. With the help of his dear friends Badger, Mole, and Rat, Mr Toad must embark on a thrilling adventure to clear his name, but will he ever change his ways?