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13 October-8 December

MA/MFA Acting & MA/MFA Musical Theatre Showcase

For all agents, casting directors and industry colleagues. You’re invited to our MA/MFA Acting & MA/MFA Musical Theatre Showcase. Streaming on Wednesday 13th October at 1pm, and available on demand for 8 weeks following the date of launch.
10 November-13 November


You never know what happens behind closed curtains. A cast preparing for a new Broadway musical, a sudden murder, and a list of suspects. Can you guess whodunnit?
17 November-20 November


A fairytale of fighting injustice and falling in love. Cinderella has the biggest heart and isn’t afraid to challenge the handsome prince to fight injustice in his kingdom. But will candid Cinderella still get her happily ever after?
18 November-20 November

Sticks & Stones

Just a single word changed B’s life forever. It ruined their career and challenged their moral compass. When words take on new meanings and impacts, how can we find the right words to say?
25 November-27 November

The Welkin

12 matrons are called to the courtroom to judge Sally Poppy’s plea of pregnancy in a bid to save her life. Facing the noose for a bloody murder, will the verdict be life or death?