The creative industries are a source of immense importance during these challenging times. The arts offer us one of the most extraordinary and transformational experiences by uniting and transcending physical and philosophical boundaries, articulating both the heights and plights of the human being; being human through entertainment, education and experience.

Our mission is simple; to be a centre of international creative excellence in conservatoire training and education by preparing our students to meet the challenges of pursuing fulfilling and successful careers in the creative industries regardless of societal, cultural and economic constraints.

We believe that an education in the arts is something that should be accessible to all. For GSA to continue to attract and train the best talent available regardless of their circumstances and to ensure that our graduates are representative of the stories that truly reflect today’s society, we invite you to join us.

Whether you are an alumnus giving back because you believe passionately in the training we provide, or if you wish to play your part in enabling young people from all backgrounds to benefit from an outstanding education in the Arts, by supporting GSA you make a difference to a new generation of theatre makers, performers and technicians. 

We are hugely grateful to all our donors, sponsors and friends for the generous and invaluable support that they give the school and our students. Thank you for taking the time to look through the various opportunities we offer and please do get in touch to discuss further how you can help make a difference.