Programme overview


Providing training to students aged 5 to 17+, all sessions take place between 9.30am and 5.30pm every Saturday during a ten-week term. There are three terms per year, coinciding with the academic year, covering classes in acting, singing and movement as well as one-to-one tutorials. GSA Saturday School classes cater for a wide range of students and all sessions are graded to age and ability. We provide classes for complete beginners right through to the very experienced. Students are encouraged to take a wide variety of classes in order to develop into all-round performers.

The curriculum is inclusive and multicultural, offering access to a broad spectrum of insights.

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Saturday school with Peter Roberts


Bookings are now closed for the Spring term.

GSA is widely recognised by the entertainment industry as a provider of the foremost musical theatre training in the world and our Saturday School can train students in acting, dancing and singing – a must for anyone considering taking the profession seriously. We aim to develop confident, disciplined and happy students through our conservatoire-standard training. Our classes are taught by fully qualified professional teachers, not students, to provide the best possible training.



Our Staff

Saturday School staff consist of a team of skilled, qualified and dedicated teachers and performers, all highly successful in their particular field, many of whom form part of the GSA main school faculty. In addition to the regular team at GSA, we have a large network of specialist professionals who we can call upon for advice and assistance with any individual needs or challenges, whether that is of a vocal or physical nature or help with discussions about your future career options.

Click here for our full list of Saturday School teachers and their biographies


How to choose the right Classes

Saturday School Ballet

We offer a pick-and-mix selection of classes. You choose the classes that you would like to join and create your timetable, we run the same classes at different times with different teachers. Intermediate/advanced classes are only for students of high skill level with years of training and previous experience in the discipline. These are not for beginners or those who have been taking classes for a short amount of time. Our tutors will move you up when they think you are ready for a more advanced class.

Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Check the Spring 2024 timetable. We give you the choice to select the class that you would like to join at the time most convenient time for you. If you are signing up for several classes, this allows you the freedom to create your own personal timetable.
  2. Decide which discipline you would like to sign up for (ballet, jazz, tap etc). Please consider which level you are at.
    • If you are not sure which level is right for you, choose the lower level and your tutor may advise you to move up to a higher one once you come to the class.
    • Please choose a class for the correct age group
  3. Please note regarding Ballet and Tap graded classes:
    • Primary is for a beginner younger child aged 5 - 8 years
    • Grade 3 is for a beginner child age 9+ (or 14+ beginner)
    • Grade 4 and above is for those students who have some experience
    • 14 - 18 Ballet is suitable for those with previous experience in Ballet; for complete beginners in this age group, we recommend Grade 3


Saturday school

Saturday School classes

Introduction to Musical Theatre

Classes run for 90-minute and students take part in three 30-minute classes of equal length in the three main disciplines, Singing, Acting and Dancing. This class helps develop children’s confidence and gives them insight into the performing arts world. Within the class, we have recently worked on numbers and scripts from Annie, Lion King and Oliver. All classes are taught by professionals, who have worked within the industry and are experienced and qualified teachers. For children aged 5-7 years. 

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is the class where all the skills you have gained are put together. Students will work on scripts, songs and dances from well-known Musicals. Recently our students have been working on Six the Musical, Wonderland, Grease, Hairspray, Mack N Mabel and Newsie. Classes are available for three age groups: 8-12, 12-14; and 14-18 at intermediate and advanced levels. 

Grade 3 Tap (ISTD)

Tap helps to develop rhythm, style and timing and is an extremely fun form of dance. No experience required, students must be 10 years of age or older and may be working towards their ISTD grade 3 examination.

Grade 4 Tap (ISTD)

To join this class you must have worked towards the Grade 3 Tap examination even if you didn’t take the exam. This fun and energetic class will continue to work on your rhythm, style and timing.

Intermediate Tap

This class is for students who are experienced tappers. Students will need to have passed Grade 6 or have been working towards the ISTD Grade 6 exam level to take this class. The class covers free work which will help develop the tapper's rhythm, style, and precision of footwork.

Street Dance

Street dance is a fun and energetic style that helps create coordinated dancers. Using pop music and a fun atmosphere, this is a hugely popular class with the young of today. Classes are available for students aged 8 -12; and ages 12 and above.


Jazz is a technical class and is aimed at helping develop a more technical dancer. The class consists of warm-ups, technical exercises and combinations. These will help develop a student’s coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance. Jazz is an essential part of the training in musical theatre. All levels are welcome. Classes are available in three age groups: 8-12, 12-16; and 14-18. 

Intermediate and Advanced Jazz

These classes are for experienced dancers who have had a high level of training and developed excellent technique and skills. Within these classes, we will be looking at challenging the students to further develop different styles and techniques. Class acceptance is based on dance skills and merit rather than age. 

Within the group singing class, you will develop self-expression, musicality, rhythm and harmonies. Classes will consist of warm-ups, technical exercises, group singing/harmonies and staging a performance. Classes are available for age groups: 8-12, 12-14; and 14-18. 

Our Acting classes help to develop confidence and acting skills. Within the class, you will work on improvisations, scripted work and technical acting skills. Many of our students use these classes as a preparation for drama school and to develop their love of acting. Classes are taught by experienced professional tutors and are available for age groups: 8-12, 10-12, 12-14, 12-16, and 14-18. 

GSA Saturday School offers one-to-one singing and acting tutorials. These are half an hour in length and the opportunity to take LCM Musical Theatre exams or LAMDA Acting exams is available. These tutorials can also be used for working on pieces for auditions, whether professional or for drama school and also build confidence within either discipline. 

Our classes are designed for students wanting to attend as a hobby and for those wanting to improve their skills for a career in the performing arts. These classes are taught by professionals who have had years of experience teaching within the vocational and recreational sectors. We have students of all ages and abilities attending the classes. We offer classes in Jazz, ballet, tap and acting. All classes are 60 minutes long.

We have now introduced the GSA Junior Conservatoire for students aged 11+ who would potentially like to go on to a career in the performing arts.



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Terms and Conditions 

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Fees and Funding


2023/24 Fees
Classes £95 per term
One-to-one tutorial  £240 per subject per term
Intro to Musical Theatre £120 per term

Deadline to apply for Spring start 2024 is 13th December 2023. Deadline to apply for Summer start is the 27th of March 2024.

Apply now

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must have applied (or will be required to apply) for attendance in GSA Junior activity, such as Saturday School, Junior Conservatoire or Summer Conservatoire.

To be eligible to apply for a funded place, applicants must also meet at least ONE of the criteria listed below:

  • From a Low Participation Neighbourhood (defined as POLAR4 Quintiles 1 and 2 by OfS*)
  • From an area of high deprivation (Index of Multiple Deprivation, IMD Quintile 1 & 2**)
  • Eligible for free school meals in the last six years
  • Care experienced and students in local authority care
  • A young carer (you care for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without your support

* You can check whether you live in a Low Participation Neighbourhood by using our online postcode look-up tool. To be eligible, your postcode must be Quintile 1 or 2 against POLAR 4 (see table on map).

** You can check your postcode's IMD score using this online look-up tool. To be eligible, your postcode needs a 1-4 in column F.

The selection process may also consider other applicant information, including the following criteria:

  • Classified as having a disability
  • A forced migrant (refugees and asylum seekers)
  • Estranged, studying without the support of your family (limited, negative or no contact with parents)
  • From a military family (parent/carer has served in the UK armed forces or reserves)
  • From a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic groups
  • From a Gypsy, Roma, Traveller, Showman or Boater (GRTSB) community
  • Or a student whose studies have suffered significant disruption due to illness or personal circumstances

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Payment for classes can be made on the GSA online store GSA Saturday School Fees

Select ‘Saturday School Fees’  > Enter the full amount payable (do not use the + and – function) > ‘Add to basket’ and proceed to payment.

Term dates

  • 13 January - 23 March 2024

  • Half term: 17 February

  • 27 April - 6 July 2024
  • Half term: 1 June
  • 21 September - 30 November 2024

  • Half term 2 November

  • 11 January - 22 March 2025

  • Half term - 15 February

  • 26 April - 5 July 2025

  • Half term - 31 May


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Contact us

T: +44(0) 1483 68 4047 or +44(0) 1483 68 6222. Phone lines are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 12pm.


If you have any complaints, in the first instance, please send them to and they will be dealt with in line with our complaints procedure.

GSA's safeguarding lead for under-18s is Alison Avis.