Run by students for students, the GSA Student Society is here to ensure your time at GSA is not just extraordinary but also filled with camaraderie, support, and endless opportunities!

From the moment you join GSA, you automatically become a member of the GSA Student Society. As you settle into the rhythm of GSA life, the society is here to help you navigate through successes and challenges alike and help bring any creative ideas and projects you may have to life.

From sustainability, disability, and equality, diversity and inclusivity representation, to freshers week, grad ball, exciting events, and lots more, the GSA Student Society is here to enrich your student life in every possible way.

GSA Student Society is part of the University of Surrey's Student Union (USSU). Find out more about the USSU and other student clubs and societies here.


GSA Labs

Open to GSA staff and students only, Labs is an opportunity for emerging artists currently training at Guildford School of Acting to showcase their original work in progress, in front of a live audience, and receive feedback. It is an opportunity for creatives to play, explore, trial new material, and make mistakes in a safe and encouraging environment.

GSA Labs was founded by Emilia Hargreaves, current course rep for BA Applied and Contemporary Theatre 3rd Year. Emilia is also the Creative Producer of GSA Labs, and is passionate about creating opportunities and supporting emerging artists to showcase and develop their own work.

Labs is an extracurricular activity entirely run by students for students, and does not form part of their academic training.


GSA Football Club

A member of the Drama School League, GSA FC is made up of current GSA students competing with other drama school football clubs throughout the year, for the Drama School League Cup. They play a mixture of home and away matches, making this a great opportunity for students to either be part of the team or feel part of a community by supporting and watching the matches.  

GSA FC is the current winner of the drama school league! UP THE STAGGS!!!


Meet your Representatives

Photo of Geo Bailey

Hey, I’m Geo (she/ her), President of the GSA Student Society. I’m a 2nd year BA Musical Theatre student and I’m really excited to be a part of this group. My aim is to continue to create a fun and welcoming environment for all of our students and create stronger connections between GSA and the University. As part of the society, I help create, organise and run any student-led events.


Photo of Maddie Gray

Hi! I'm Maddie (they/them) and I am the GSA Student Society's Vice President. I am very passionate about embracing the different backgrounds that we all have here at GSA and aim to make every single student feel seen. As part of the Society, I am a big part of every event that we plan at GSA and am committed to making sure that there is something for everyone!

Photo of Danae

Hi there! My name is Danae (She/Her) and I'm the Sustainability Rep at GSA. I'm a first-year BA Acting student from Chile, Cyprus and Switzerland with a lot of experience and enthusiasm for environmental sustainability - both in and out of GSA. I believe, as artists, that we should be leading by example at the forefront of these campaigns, and I'm hopeful that through educational, social and practical initiatives, we can implement positive and sustainable change together.


Amie Shipley photo

Hi I'm Amie and I'm a 2nd year BA Musical Theatre student and the current Charity Rep. I'll be helping to organise any charity fundraising and working with the other reps to help with community events. I'm so excited and ready to bring some fun and impactful events!


Hi, I'm Cameron (he/they) and I'm one of your tech reps! I'm a second year theatre production student speciliasing in stage management and I love all things Shakespeare. As tech rep, I help organise the technical aspects of the lovely SU events and am here to discuss any questions or ideas you have about tech at GSA, whether you're on or offstage.

Harvey Share photo

Hi my name is Harvey. I am one of two tech reps for this year. I am very passionate about bringing beautiful productions to the GSA student society whilst making sure that the technical course at GSA is kept to a high standard. Whilst working as a tech rep, I will make sure that all individuals involved with GSA events are treated with respect whilst also having fun.

Zara photo

Hey everyone! My name is Zaara (or Zee I go by either). I am a first-year Theatre Production Student and your EDI rep for 2023/2024. I`m an avid musical theatre lover and performer, and passionate about creating change in the industry both on stage and behind. Being at a drama school should feel inclusive and I’m here to help everyone feel seen and heard!


Safa photo

Hey!! I'm Safah (she\her) and I am the GSA Student Society's cultural integrity person. I am passionate on allowing people to show their cultures to the GSA community and be comfortable doing so. Another part of my role is to provide information and celebrate these cultures as well!! :-)

Abbie photo

Hi There! I'm Abbie (they/them) and I'm your disability rep for this year! I'm very excited to be representing and standing up for you all wherever possible. I'm a huge nerd about dungeons and dragons, video games and roller coasters and I'm rarely seen without my noise-cancelling headphones. I'm always happy to help, so feel free to send me a message, whether it's about disability or something different entirely - I'm always around.