Foundation (CertHE) Programmes

The UK’s leading conservatoires, within the Federation of Drama Schools (FDS), receive thousands of applications each year for entry into their performance programmes for as few as 20-30 places. Auditioning for these performance programmes at some of the nation’s leading conservatoires is highly competitive. GSA’s Foundation (CertHE) programmes in Acting and Musical Theatre aim to provide students with the basics of the fundamental techniques in Acting, Singing and Dance. Both the Acting and Musical Theatre pathways are focused on providing an insight into life within a conservatoire and preparing students for the rigours and expectations of conservatoire training and higher education. The Foundation (CertHE) Acting and Musical Theatre programmes are separate pathways, each with a distinct identity, aim, and objectives. The core elements of each programme are calibrated according to the differing requirements of each genre and are constellated.

A Certificate of Higher Education qualification is given upon completion of any of our Foundation (CertHE) programmes.