GSA Senior Leadership Team

Head of Guildford School of Acting Professor Sean McNamara
GSA Operations & Engagement Manager Pippa Treharne
Director of Research & Postgraduate Research Professor Robert Shaughnessy
Director of Learning & Teaching  Anna McNamara
Director of Studies Niall Bailey
Director of Student Experience Anna Tringham
Director of Employability Grainne Byrne
Director of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Nina Kristofferson
Director of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Dr Cathy Sloan
Head of Acting  
Head of Dance, Choreography & Movement Phyllida Crowley-Smith
Head of Musical Theatre Julian Woolford
Head of Technical Theatre Arts Jo Franklin
Head of Theatre Dr Darren Tunstall
Head of GSA Enterprises Alison Avis
Marketing Officer Claire Parker

Programme Leaders

Foundation Acting  Michael Toumey
Foundation Musical Theatre Gerry Tebbutt
BA (Hons) Acting Dominic Rouse
BA (Hons) Actor Musician Nicholas Scrivens
BA (Hons) Dance Dr Shantel Ehrenberg
BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Stewart Nicholls
BA (Hons) Theatre & Performance Dr Matthew Wagner
BA (Hons) Theatre Production Mig Burgess
BA (Hons) Theatre (Online Learning) Anna Tringham
MA & MFA Acting Dr Jaq Bessell
MA Theatre (Online Learning) Dr Darren Tunstall
MFA Musical Theatre Julian Woolford
MA Musical Theatre Tom Turner
MA Stage & Production Management Jo Franklin

Head of Skills

Head of Music Paul Herbert
Head of Voice Chris Palmer
Head of Singing Kevin Michael Cripps

Research & Innovation

Director of Postgraduate Research Professor Robert Shaughnessy
Director of The Centre for Performance Philosophy Dr Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca
Director of The Surrey Shakespeare Centre Professor Robert Shaughnessy

Department of Acting

Head of Department  
Principal Teaching Fellow in Acting Dr Jaq Bessell
Teaching Fellow in Contemporary Practice Dominic Burdess
Teaching Fellow in Voice Benjamin Furey
Principal Teaching Fellow in Acting & Theatre Anna McNamara
Teaching Fellow in Contemporary Practice Sabina Netherclift
Senior Teaching Fellow in Voice Chris Palmer
Teaching Fellow in Acting Ian Ricketts
Teaching Fellow in Acting Dominic Rouse
Teaching Fellow in Acting Michael Toumey
Teaching Fellow in Voice Jenny Tullett
Teaching Fellow in Acting Dr Darren Tunstall
Teaching Fellow in Voice Barbara Ward

Department of Dance, Choreography & Movement

Head of Department Phyllida Crowley-Smith
Lecturer in Dance Dr Shantel Ehrenberg
Teaching Fellow in Dance Rachel Birch-Lawson
Teaching Fellow in Dance Rachael Kerridge
Teaching Fellow in Dance Sarita Piotrowski
Teaching Fellow in Dance & Movement Rose Ryan
Teaching Fellow in Movement Anna Tringham

Department of Musical Theatre

Head of Department Julian Woolford
Senior Teaching Fellow Musical Director Niall Bailey
Teaching Fellow in Singing Kevin Michael Cripps
Teaching Fellow in Acting & Musical Theatre Andrew Davidson
Teaching Fellow Musical Director Paul Herbert
Teaching Fellow in Musical Theatre Stewart Nicholls
Teaching Fellow in Singing Rachael Owens
Teaching Fellow in Singing Nina Kristofferson
Teaching Fellow in Singing Tim Vanpeteghem
Teaching Fellow Musical Director Peter Roberts
Senior Teaching Fellow in Musical Theatre Nicholas Scrivens
Teaching Fellow in Musical Theatre Gerry Tebbutt
Teaching Fellow Musical Director Tom Turner
Teaching Fellow in Singing Fran Williams

Department of Technical Theatre Arts

Head of Department Jo Franklin
Teaching Fellow in Lighting Mig Burgess
Teaching Fellow in Sound Gareth J. Evans
Teaching Fellow in Scenic Arts Katy Downton
Senior Teaching Fellow in Technical Theatre  
Senior Lecturer in Scenography  

Department of Theatre

Head of Department Dr Darren Tunstall
Professor in Theatre Professor Robert Shaughnessy
Reader in Theatre & Performance Dr Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca
Senior Lecturer in Theatre & Performance Dr Matthew Wagner
Teaching Fellow in Theatre Dr. Cathy Sloan

Operations & Events Department

GSA Operations & Engagement Manager Pippa Treharne
Assistant to Head of School Sue Smith
GSA Administrator Claire Grayson-Healey
Marketing Officer Claire Parker
Box Office & Events Manager Finn Nickells
GSA Receptionist Bethany Mills
AV Technician Mark Dutton
Production Supervisor Rebecca Emery
Events Technician Charlie Hester
Workshop Supervisor Jamie Fitzgerald
Sound Technician  
Scenic Arts Supervisor Roger Ness
Theatre Technician Sarah Sage
Senior Production Supervisor Sheryl-Lynne Valensky
Wardrobe Supervisor Carina Wells
Deputy Wardrobe Supervisor Vanessa Dean
Wardrobe Assistant Faylin Wright

Associate & Visiting Professionals



  • Paul Brennan
  • Damien Goodwin
  • Joanne Howarth
  • Lucy Richardson
  • Giles Taylor
  • Jules Tipton
  • Michael Toumey
  • Simon Williams
  • Tam Williams

Musical Theatre

  • Chris Dickens
  • Gary Lloyd
  • Shaun Kerrison
  • Kenn Oldfield
  • Samuel Wood


  • Claire Daniels
  • Katie Crooks
  • Lynette Majder
  • Michael Thomas Freeman
  • Eoin Mallon
  • Rachael Owens
  • Nina Kristofferson
  • Tim Stuart
  • Francesca Williams
  • Tom Hier
  • Ashley Kate Hughes
  • Ben Mann


  • Katie Crooks
  • Dee Forest
  • Sterre Maier
  • Rachael Owens
  • Jedd Owen-Ellis Clark
  • Jenny Tullett



  • Jimmy Johnston
  • Jo McShane
  • Anna Tringham

Professional Development

  • Lu Corfield

Musical Directors & Repertoire Coaches

  • Steve Hill
  • James Moriarty
  • Neil MacDonald
  • Tom Wakeley

Stage Combat

  • Andrew Ashenden
  • Lisa Connell

Production Freelancers

  • PJ McEvoy
  • James Smith
  • Justin Teasdale
  • Alexandra Braithwaite
  • Aaron Dotson
  • Alistair Lax
  • Sophie Prudence
  • Denise Slattery
  • Ian Teague
  • Sharon Davey
  • Annett Black
  • Becky Potts
  • Jamie Kluckers
  • Ian William Galloway
  • Ceri James
  • Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson
  • Sarah Burston
  • Tim Staffell