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9 June-11 June


Set in post-war Paris, this charming musical follows the story of civil servant, Dusoleil, who develops the baffling ability to walk through walls. With this new power, he takes from the rich and gives to the poor whilst winning the heart of the woman he’s been pining for.
9 June-11 June

As You Like It

Forced from her uncle’s court, Rosalind along with her best friend Celia, journey into the fantastical Forest of Arden. With a cross-dressing heroine, musical tunes, questionable poetry, and a love-struck Orlando, this classic Shakespeare play is a joyous show for all the family.…
3 July-3 July

Tales of 2 Cities

Watch our Junior Conservatoire Musical Theatre students showcase their talents at their 2022 Summer show “Tales of 2 Cities”.