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9 June-11 June

Fall Inn Love

Astrid Finley thinks she has her life figured out. She is an avid traveller, a determined explorer, and will stop at nothing in her path. That is until she arrives at the Fall Inn Love, a quaint little place with a BIG secret…
9 June-11 June


Six characters productively procrastinate in a prenatal palaver. Stuck in a perpetual space-time nothingness, they find solace in chaos. As the wheels stop spinning, they fly off the handle. How do you then bake the perfect existential bun? It's just like riding a bike!
9 June-10 June


A razor-sharp play about the fine line between office politics and playground bullying. Bull offers ringside seats as three employees fight to keep their jobs.
10 June-11 June

Accept All Cookies

In a dystopian world, an aspiring inventor is given the opportunity to have their app idea turned into a reality. As time goes on, she becomes tangled in a government conspiracy and is faced with a life-threatening decision…
10 June-11 June

Altar Ego

A group of misfits find themselves having committed their faith, traditions and individuality to a cult, spearheaded by an unlikely tyrant.