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12 February-15 February

Duchess of Malfi (BA Acting)

John Webster's violent revenge tragedy, full of dark humour, beautifully depicts female humanist resistance to tyrannical power. Secrets, tricks and plots grow ever thicker and darker…
25 March-28 March

Lucky Stiff (BA Actor Musicians)

The life of an unassuming English shoe salesman takes a dramatic turn when an American relative, he has never met, dies leaving him $6,000,000. As Harry sets out to fulfil his Uncle’s dying wish, mayhem and gold-diggers ensue…
06 March-06 March

Me Too: What Next?

Me Too: What Next? A conversation with a panel of inspirational women from theatre and film. An event in honour of International Women’s Day, established by 3rd Year Acting student, Anna Francis, and supported by a team of female staff and students.
12 March-13 March

MT Cabaret Season - A Decade of Change (MFA)

Politicians are criminals and criminals are celebrities. You’ve guessed - it’s the twenties… but which one? This tongue and cheek cabaret sees three 20-somethings explore the constant changes of life, combining stories and an eclectic mix of music from the last century to reflect…
12 March-14 March

MT Cabaret Season - Happy Hour (MFA)

A Brit an Israeli and a Chinese women walk into a bar… Misunderstandings ensue along with surprising similarities as the three deal with culture shock. Using stories and songs from their own cultures, they come to realise there's more than one way of doing things.