By David Wood and Dick King Smith 

"Babe is the story we all need and deserve in these trying times. Babe's journey from a nervous outsider to realising her life's goal of becoming a sheep pig is a familiar one. Our production brings the story into a contemporary world, using an original score and choreography to work around the challenges facing us as makers. Drawing from our MT and Acting students' collective skills has been a joy. Babe reminds us not to judge a book by its cover, and that when the goes gets tough we need each other: no pig is an island."  Chloe France, Director 


This production has been rehearsed and performed in Covid-safe conditions and according to Covid-safe regulations.

This production is a collaboration between the graduating students in GSA’s Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programmes in Acting, and in Musical Theatre, and as such it breaks new ground.  At the heart of the process is another exciting new collaboration, between director Chloe France and musical director/composer Ed Zanders.  In the most challenging and isolating times any of us can remember, creative collaborations of this kind remind us that the theatre will continue to find ways to connect us, to share great stories, and to foster joy. 

This recorded live production features the final year students of the MFA Acting and MFA Musical Theatre programmes in collaboration with students on the BA (Hons) Theatre Production programme. Please scroll down for headshots and Spotlight links.

This production of Babe, the Sheep-Pig is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

Every effort was made to contact copyright holders of images and video used in this production. If you are a copyright holder of one of these images or videos, please feel free to contact GSA on

GSA Spring Season 20201 - Lighting equipment supplied and supported by SLX.

With special thanks to Martin Lighting and David Wood.

Cast List

Sheep, Stallholder, Puppy 3: Rós Alexander

Shepherd, New Owner 1, Duck, Rustler: Lucy Appleton

Sheep, Weight Guesser, Cockerel, Nightmare Cat: Malak Bellal

Ma, TV Commentator: Olivia Joy Braza

Sheep, Weight Guesser, Turkey, Nightmare Turkey: Fanny Fay Engström

Official, Puppy 1, Rustler, Worrier Dog, Nightmare Puppy: Josephine Feit

Babe: Kendra Goehring

Farmer Hogget: Alice Gold

Farmer Hogget's Partner: Christian Hodge

Sheep, Stallholder, Puppy 2: Max Hyner

Sheep, Duck, Nightmare Duck: Bethany Irving

Official, Vicar, Duck, Rustler, Nightmare Worrier Dog: Tizane McEvoy

Sheepdog, New Owner 2, Duck, Rustler: Jonty O'Callaghan

Fly: Kaela O'Connor

Sheep, Stallholder, Puppy 4: Emily Peace

Sheep, Weight Guesser, Cockerel, Nightmare Cockerel: Theodore Yannopolous

The Band

Keyboard: Ed Zanders

Creative Team

Director: Chloe France
Musical Director/ Composer: Ed Zanders
Set & Costume Designer: Jason Denvir
Lighting Designer: Alex Musgrave
Sound Designer: Jon Higson
Associate Set & Costume Designer: Leah Sams
Vocal Coach: Chris Palmer
Movement Captain: Kaela O'Connor
Vocal and Music Captain: Emily Peace
Programme Leader MFA Acting: Jaq Bessell
Head of Musical Theatre & Programme Leader MFA Musical Theatre: Julian Woolford

Technical Team

Head of Technical Theatre: Jo Franklin
Programme Leader: Sheryl-Lynne Valensky
Production Manager: Louise Birchall
Stage Manager: Katie Crump
Deputy Stage Manager: Bethany Cosgrove
Assistant Stage Manager: Lily Collins
Wardrobe Supervisor: Vanessa Dean
Hair & Make-up Supervisor: Luisa Ridge
Workshop Supervisor: Jamie Fitzgerald
Scenic Arts Supervisor: Roger Ness
Construction Supervisor: Ali Edwards
Construction Managers: Tom Atkin, Jade Haslam
Construction Scenic Art Team: Emily Dimeloe, Charly Danby, Emerson Worsley, Lauren Carr
Production Electrician: Josh Hawkins-Lewis
Lighting Programmer/Operator: Matt Duggan
Production Sound: Chrissy Williams
Sound 1: Ben Smith
Filmed by: Alex Ryland-Jones
Additional Crew: Beth Armstrong-Harris, Georgina Groves, Holly Robinson, Chloe Stallibrass, Wesley Wilson