Music by Sarah Travis 
Book and Lyrics by Richard Stirling 

A new musical based on the novel by Compton Mackenzie 


The MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Musical Theatre is the highest practical qualification in Musical Theatre and GSA is proud to host the only programme in Europe.  An important element of our course is a performance in a bespoke new musical written for each cohort.    

This year we are particularly honoured that the estate of the famed author Compton Mackenzie (Monarch of the Glen, Whiskey Galore) have given us special permission to adapt his novel Extraordinary Women.  We would like to sincerely thank Sarah Baxter from the Society of Authors for her generous support for this project.     

We are thrilled that Sarah Travis and Richard Stirling have undertaken such a delightful adaptation of the novel and undertaken workshops with the students to develop it. A new musical is always an exciting prospect, and requires an inspirational creative team, whom we are lucky to have in Tom Jackson Greaves and Peter Roberts.     

Set in 1919, the show examines the lives of a group of independently wealthy women exploring the sexual tensions and cultural anxieties flowing between them. Themes explored within the piece were daring when Mackenzie wrote the novel in 1928, and, even today, there are few musicals that celebrate lesbian relationships – we are proud to add this one!  

Enjoy these Extraordinary Women! 


Head of Musical Theatre      Creative Co-Ordinator  



This production has been rehearsed and performed in Covid-safe conditions and according to Covid-safe regulations.

Suitable for age 12+.

This recorded live production features the final year students of the MFA Musical Theatre programme in collaboration with students on the BA (Hons) Theatre Production and MA Stage & Production Management programmes. Please scroll down for headshots and Spotlight links.

By special arrangement with the Society of Authors on behalf of the Compton Mackenzie estate.

Special thanks to Sarah Baxter at the Society of Authors 


Cast List

Rosalba Donsante: Lucy Appleton

Lulu de Randan, Elsa Royle, Ligeia: Josephine Feit

Olimpia Leigh, Janet Royle, Sappho: Alice Gold

Cleo Gazay, Miss Chimbley, Leucosia: Tizane McEvoy

Olga Linati, Zoe Mitchell, Parthenope: Kaela O'Connor

Rory Freemantle: Emily Peace

Marshal, Attikos, Daffodil, Carmine, Wheeler: Theodore Yannopoulos


The Band

Piano: Peter Roberts

Creative Team

Director/ Choreographer: Tom Jackson Greaves
Musical Director: Peter Roberts
Costume Facilitator: Vanessa Dean
Vocal Coach (Speech): Chris Palmer
Singing Coach: Kevin Michael Cripps
Vocal Captain: Emily Peace

Head of Musical Theatre & Programme Leader MFA Musical Theatre: Julian Woolford
Commissioned & writing & creative team assembled byStewart Nicholls
Filmed by: Mark Dutton

Technical Team

Head of Technical Theatre: Jo Franklin
Programme Leader: Sheryl-Lynne Valensky
Production Manager: Nathalie Perthuisot
Venue Technician: Charlie Hester
Stage Manager: Lara Borley
Deputy Stage Manager: Bethany Cosgrove
Assistant Stage Manager: Beth Riley
Lighting Programmer/Operator: Joshua Hawkins-Lewis
LX Crew: Lauren Craig, Abbi Griffiths
Production Sound Engineer: Helen Roberts
Stage Management Crew: Ben McKenzie