Presented by ToBeTheatre

Hello, and thank you for joining us today for Fall Inn Love, our theatre company's debut production!

Fall Inn love follows Astrid Finley, who thinks she has life all figured out. She's an avid traveller, a determined explorer, and will stop at nothing in her path. Always accompanied by Evie, Issey, and Josie, three young women who are not all that they seem, Astrid winds up at the Fall Inn Love, a quaint tavern at first glance, but one that harbours a life-changing secret. Astrid, with the help of her three 'aspects', must figure out just exactly what the Fall Inn Love wants from her in order to escape with her life, or she must fail, and face the consequences.

Devised by the company and written by Ellie Thurlow, Fall Inn Love is a whimsical, heartwarming, funny tale of love, endurance, and acceptance. At ToBeTheatre, we aim to prioritise whimsy and the fantastical in the theatre that we make, to give audiences a little slice of escapism from their ordinary lives. 

We hope that you enjoy watching today's production of Fall Inn Love as much as we loved creating it, and if you like what you see, please follow us on Instagram at @to_be_theatre, or head on over to our website for more information on our work.

Thank you, and enjoy the show!



Suitable for ages 14+. Contains strong language and themes of a sexual nature.

This production has been rehearsed and performed in Covid-safe conditions and according to Covid-secure regulations.

This recorded live production features the final year students of the BA Theatre and Performance programme in collaboration with students on the BA Theatre Production programme, by special arrangement with Nick Hern Books


Cast List 

In order of appearance

Astrid Finley: Olivia Mannall

Evie: Libby Foreman

Josie: Shloka Praveen

Issey: Alannah Rose Egan

Valentin Cupidon: Alexandru Nastasa

Sara: Ellie Thurlow



Creative Team

Playwright & Director: Ellie Thurlow
Dramaturg: Shloka Praveen
Lighting & Sound Design: Alexandru Nastasa
Props Design & COVID-Officer: Alannah Rose Egan
Wardrobe: Libby Foreman
Marketing: Olivia Mannall

Technical Team

Production Manager: Jordan Harris
Assistant Production Manager: Reese Marchant
Stage Manager: Jemima Solway
Deputy Stage Manager: Grace Branch
Assistant Stage Manager: Lucy Walsh, Katie Napier & Issie Priestley
Wardrobe Supervisor: Anett Black
Scenic Arts Supervisor: Roger Ness
Venue Technician: Josh Palmer
Production Electrician: Jessica Caira
Lighting Programmer: Al Tombs
Lighting Operator: Olivia Bourne
Sound Operator: Alexis Beaufoy Salguero
Videographer: Tom Mann
Filmed by: Animus Inc
Head of Company: Anna McNamara
Head of Theatre: Darren Tunstall
Programme Leader BA Theatre and Performance: Matthew Wagner