By Lolita Chakrabarti

Welcome to the first of our BA Acting seasons 2021. It’s been an incredible
 and this ensemble of actors has been committed, kind and unafraid - against
all the odds!
I would work with them again and again. We hope you enjoy their work.
Dom Rouse


This production has been rehearsed and performed in Covid-safe conditions and according to Covid-secure regulations.

Suitable for age 11+. Please be aware that this performance may contain themes and images that some may find difficult or upsetting, including triggering language around race.

This recorded live production features the final year students of the BA (Hons) Acting programme in collaboration with students on the BA (Hons) Theatre Production programme. Please scroll down for headshots and Spotlight links.

This production of Red Velvet is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

Every effort was made to contact copyright holders of images and video used in this production. If you are a copyright holder of one of the images or videos, please feel free to contact GSA on

GSA Spring Season 2021 - Lighting equipment supplied and supported by SLX

Cast List 

Halina Wozniak: Mari Ann Bull

Henry Forrester / Casimer: Matt Logan

Terence / Bernard Warde: Joseph Driver

Ira Aldridge: Tijan Sarr

Connie: Tianna Arnold

Betty Lovell: Ines Bally

Charles Kean: Matt Wake

Ellen Tree: Rebecca Morley

Pierre Laporte: Ryan Wiggins

Margaret Aldridge: Sophie George

Creative Team

Director: Nicholai La Barrie
Set & Costume Designer: Elliott Squire
Lighting Designer: Johanna Town
Sound Designer: Grzegorz Staniewicz
Video Designer: Shane Stewart
Programme Leader: Dominic Rouse
Filmed by: Animus Inc

Technical Team

Head of Technical Theatre: Jo Franklin
Programme Leader: Sheryl-Lynne Valensky
Production Manager: Rebecca Emery
Assistant Production Manager: Rebecca Nye
Stage Manager: Keira Dulake
Deputy Stage Manager: Evie Redfern
Assistant Stage Manager: Nathalie Perthuisot
Wardrobe Supervisor: Samantha Sullivan
Hair & Make-up Supervisor: Fiona Alexander
Workshop Supervisor: Jamie Fitzgerald
Scenic Arts Supervisor: Roger Ness
Construction Supervisor: Ali Edwards
Construction Managers: Emily Dimeloe, Charly Danby
Construction Scenic Art Team: Tom Atkin, Jade Haslam,
Emerson Worsley, Lauren Carr

Production Electrician: Al Tombs
Lighting Programmer: Matthew Duggan
Set LX: Will Harris
Production Sound: Shane Stewart
Additional Crew: Zoe Adams, Jessica Caira, Lewis Downham, Megan Hayburn, Georgia Jones, Keith Lau, Josh Lowndes, Ben McKenzie, Isabel Orduna, Hannah Till, Martin Underwood, Daisy Willmer, Rhiannon Witt