By William Shakespeare

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One of the more surprising aspects of the Covid pandemic is the way in which it has impacted on the political life of nations. The virus has driven the rise and fall of political careers, and we can wonder whether Rishi Sunak would have become Britain’s most popular top-level MP without the spending spree the pandemic necessitated, or whether Donald Trump could have been re-elected if the American economy had remained strong and he had dealt with the health crisis more effectively. Covid has also provided given sharp focus to the fact that leaders are as subject to human frailties as all of us; there was a bitter irony in seeing populist politicians who had downplayed the situation such as Johnson and Trump hospitalised, and Bolsonaro infected.

This relationship between public figures, their private lives and their human frailties is at the heart of all of Shakespeare’s history plays, and could not be more pertinent than now. King Richard is as attuned to ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ as Trump and Putin, and this contemporary gender-blind production of the play is as relevant to our contemporary political situation as the play was during the reign of Elizabeth I.

Julian Woolford, Head of Musical Theatre


This production has been rehearsed and performed in Covid-safe conditions and according to Covid-secure regulations.

This recorded live production features the final year students of the BA (Hons) Actor-Musician programme in collaboration with students on the BA (Hons) Theatre Production programme. Please scroll down for headshots and Spotlight links.

Suitable for age 15+. Some scenes may be unsuitable for younger audiences

Every effort was made to contact copyright holders of images and video used in this production. If you are a copyright holder of one of these images or videos, please feel free to contact GSA on

GSA Spring Season 2021 - Lighting equipment supplied and supported by SLX.

Cast List

Clarence/Busker2: Laura Andresen Guimarães

Duchess of York: Sophie Arthur

Rivers: Gemma Bidgood

Ely/Messenger/Mourner1/Prostitute: Georgia-Mae Fox

Catesby: Ebba Haastrup

Stanley: Grace Kellett

Edward IV/Tyrell/Bodyguard/Busker1: Benji Lord

Elizabeth: Lauren MacDonald

Ratcliffe: Alex Mallalieu

Margaret: Rebecca Millan

Lady Anne: Cara Murray

Richard III: Sara Nelson

Buckingham: Frederik Pahus

Brakenbury: Ben Pulman

Richmond: Evie Redfern

Lord Mayor/Citizen/Mortician/Reporter2: Wil Richmond

Murderer1/Reporter4: India Rose

Murderer2/Reporter3: Jamie Stephenson-Glynn

Hastings: Dave Storer

Grey/Busker3/Mourner2/Reporter1: Ben Williamson-Jones

Creative Team

All music in this production is played by the cast.  

Director: Nicholas Scrivens
Composer: Niall Bailey
Set Designer: Roger Ness
Costume Designer: Emily Stuart
Lighting Designer: John Rainsforth
Sound Designer: Vicky Wilkinson

Vocal Coach: Ben Furey
Music Captain: Jamie Stephenson-Glynn & Benji Lord
Programme Leader: Nicholas Scrivens
Filmed by: Animus Inc
Head of Musical Theatre: Julian Woolford


Technical Team

Head of Technical Theatre: Jo Franklin
Programme Leader: Sheryl-Lynne Valensky
Production Manager: Jordan Harris
Assistant Production Manager: Reese Marchant
Stage Manager: Conor O'Brien
Deputy Stage Manager: Beth Riley
Assistant Stage Manager: Aoife Brennen
Wardrobe Supervisor: Emily Stuart
Hair & Make-Up Supervisor: Louisa Ridge 
Workshop Supervisor: Jamie Fitzgerald
Scenic Arts Supervisor: Roger Ness
Construction Supervisor: Ali Edwards
Construction Managers: Emily Dimeloe, Charly Danby
Construction Scenic Art Team: Tom Atkin, Jade Haslam,
Emerson Worsley, Lauren Carr

Production Electrician: Ciaran Lillis
Lighting Programmer: Al Tombs
Production Sound: Hellen Roberts
Sound 1: Josh McCrohan
Additional Crew: Zoe Adams, Jessica Caira, Lewis Downham, Megan Hayburn, Georgia Jones, Keith Lau, Josh Lowndes, Ben McKenzie, Isabel Orduna, Hannah Till, Martin Underwood, Daisy Willmer, Rhiannon Witt