GSA launches On Stage/On Screen Spring Season 2021

Poster of the different show images in GSA Spring On Screen Season 2021

GSA launches their On Stage/ On Screen Spring Season 2021

We are delighted to launch our new season. This spring, our students present: the epic, Tony award-winning Titanic: The Musical; a modern presentation of Hamlet that focuses on young characters; a timely exploration of how viral videos can inspire protest in Image of an Unknown Young Woman; aspects of British theatre history and race relations in Red Velvet; feel-good family fun in Babe the Sheep Pig; and Richard III set in modern Russia with a new musical score.

Tickets for screenings, which will be scheduled like traditional shows, are free.


Booking is now open for: Titanic: The Musical, Richard III, HamletRed Velvet, Image of an Unknown Young Womanand Babe the Sheep Pig.