MA Stage and Production Management 2020

Photo of Fern Bamber

Fern Bamber

Specialist area: Stage and Production Management

Throughout her BA in Drama & Theatre Studies, and her MA at GSA, Fern has repeatedly challenged herself to work on a diverse array of shows through various stage management and leadership roles. Having developed a versatile skill set and a pragmatic and personable approach, she can integrate successfully as a reliable and capable part of any production team.

With four years’ experience working on small scale and fringe theatre, Fern is most at home taking a hands-on role. With a can-do attitude, she is particularly adept at propping and creative problem solving, having taught herself basic puppetry design and construction for an adaptation of The Little Prince. In doing so, she discovered a passion for children’s theatre and puppetry and is keen to develop these interests in her professional career.

Fern has worked closely with the BA Actor Musicians at GSA this year on two of their productions, and her own musical training has helped in her transition into musical theatre, making her a confident score reader and show caller. She is hoping to continue her work with Actor Musicians during her placement on Our Man in Havana at the Watermill Theatre this summer, amongst other exciting opportunities.

Assistant Stage Manager The Diary of Anne Frank, Bellairs Theatre
Deputy Stage Manager Lucky Stiff , PATS Studio Theatre
Stage Manager The Little Prince, The Marlowe Theatre Studio

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Photo of <span>Carole Ciuffi</span>

Carole Ciuffi

Specialist Area: Stage and Production Management

Carole came later to stage management than most others on her course, bringing a wealth of life experience to the table.

While working as Assistant to the Director of Climate Change at the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome for over 20 years she pursued stage management as a hobby for eight of those with Arts in English, working on musical theatre shows produced in English for the Rome ex-pat population.

She returned to the UK and completed an HND in Technical Theatre, graduating first in her class. As her main interest was in stage management rather than the technical side of theatre, she moved to GSA to learn more about that specific field.

Carole is reliable and practical and has been described a safe pair of hands. She has proved to have excellent team building skills in her roles at GSA. Very organised and detail oriented, she has the right personality to become an excellent Company Stage or Production manager.

Assistant Stage Manager Placement Macbeth,Guildford Shakespeare Company
Stage Manager Sleeping Beauty, PATS Theatre
Venue Manager Pleasance Cellar, Edinburgh Festival Fringe (2018)
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Photo of <span>Sarah Capobres Cowan</span>

Sarah Capobres Cowan

Specialist Area: Stage and Production Management

Sarah is a multi-skilled Stage and Production Manager with 14 years of experience in a variety of production areas such as lighting, sound, and scenic design as well as 18 years of musical theatre and acting training. Their positive attitude, great work ethic, and ability to align their work with the creative vision of the team makes Sarah a valuable member of any production team.

Sarah’s main focus in theatre is the wellbeing and representation of marginalised groups, specifically ethnic minorities and queer identities, and they strive to use their research to help shape theatre into a more inclusive and accessible place. During their time at Royal Holloway University of London, Sarah helped create the Drama Society’s BAME performance slot at the SU’s event, A Night at the Theatre, as well as introduce the practice of sharing personal pronouns within Drama Society events, helping to make the society a more inclusive place for their trans members. This open discussion of pronouns is a practice that Sarah also hopes to bring to GSA.

After graduating from GSA, Sarah hopes to work as a Production or Stage Manager on musicals or plays, while focusing on helping companies and organisations to improve their diversity policies.

Assistant Production Manager The Diary of Anne Frank, Bellairs Theatre
Stage Manager Confirmation, Edinburgh Fringe
Venue Technician (Swing) TheSpaceUK, Edinburgh Fringe

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Photo of <span>Yi-Hua, Lai</span>

Yi-Hua, Lai

Specialist Area: Stage Management and Sound

Yi-Hua is a positive, easy going and thoughtful person. She is always attentive and aware of her surroundings which has helped her obtain all sorts of techniques and knowledge.

Yi-Hua has two years’ experience as a Venue Technician at the Taiwan Traditional Theatre Centre, mainly maintaining sound and AV equipment and assisting the production team with fit-up procedures during production week, where she gained her basic technical theatre knowledge. In 2019 she commenced her MA in Stage and Production management at Guildford School of Acting to gain a deeper understanding of theatre.

Her study at GSA gave her a thorough view of the knowledge and the qualities a Stage Manager should possess. She them put the theory into practice during a production of The Diary of Anne Frank and was greatly praised for her systematic and broad understanding towards her role. With a remarkable worth ethic and attitude, she has greatly contributed to the process and environment.

Having knowledge in both stage management and technical theatre has made Yi-Hua suitable in various positions. She is keen to expand her career in the industry and will constantly broaden her capability to become a Technical Stage Manager.

Assistant Stage Manager Oedipus/Antigone, Bellairs Theatre
Assistant Stage Manager/Sound No.3 The Diary of Anne Frank, Bellairs Theatre
Venue Technician (Sound & AV) Taiwan Traditional Theatre Centre

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Photo of <span>Nathalie Perthuisot</span>

Nathalie Perthuisot

Specialist Area: Stage Management

Following a Theatre and Italian BA at the University of Bristol, Nathalie has grown into a committed and hardworking Stage Manager who adapts quickly to new challenges and situations.

Studying at GSA has only increased her drive for self-improvement whilst developing her understanding of all aspects of stage management. On placement with The Permanent Way at the Vaults, she learnt about managing a small company in an unconventional space and, during the Motown the Musical tour, she gained hands-on experience performing busy ASM plots on a larger scale show. Most recently she loved enhancing her rehearsal management and problem-solving skills on Back to the Future The Musical.

Exploring a variety of production roles over the years allowed her to develop her technical skills alongside time management, resilience and creativity, making her a well-rounded team player. Working as a technician at Edinburgh Fringe and various producing venues has boosted her confidence working under pressure. In addition, Nathalie frequently leans towards complex DSM roles in opera, musicals and, most recently, The Diary of Anne Frank at GSA which complements her proficiency in score reading and show calling.

She looks forward to bringing her enthusiasm to an ASM Book Cover or Technical ASM position in upcoming musical theatre, opera and touring productions.

Assistant Stage Manager (Rehearsal Placement) Back to the Future: The Musical
Deputy Stage Manager The Diary of Anne Frank, Bellairs Theatre
Stage Management / Tech Placement Motown the Musical UK & Ireland Tour, Bristol Hippodrome

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Photo of <span>Maria Prince</span>

Maria Prince

Specialist Area: Stage and Production Management

Maria has been fascinated by the wonders of costume making and backstage life since she was a child. In the last four years, she delved into the transformative magic of theatre-making. She has built a reliable network in Lebanon by working as a Production Manager on plays and an Assistant Stylist on TV commercials in Arabic, French and English. She learned to manage high pressure situations, long working hours and creative compromise of ideas to meet time and budget constraints, in addition to having effective collaboration skills in different industries.

She challenged herself to expand her knowledge and network by coming to the UK. At GSA, Maria has proven to be adaptable, a problem solver and eager to learn all about the theatre  industry in the UK.

As a painter and creative soul, she enjoys being part of the creative process as well as the technical and managerial aspects of a production. She hopes to utilise all of her skills, her learning in the UK and her previous experiences to bring an interesting approach to any project she works on. Her goals are to start as an Assistant Production Manager with ballet projects and companies and work her way up to Production Manager. She also has the great ambition to one day create the first National Ballet Company in Lebanon..

Production Manager My Name Is Rachel Corrie, Al Madina Theatre, Lebanon
Assistant Production Manager Sleeping Beauty, PATS Studio Theatre
Stage Manager BA Actor Musician Showcase, Boulevard Theatre

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Twitter: @prince_r_maria

Photo of S<span>ammie A Richards</span>

Sammie A Richards

Specialist Area: Stage Management

With a multitude of experience in a variety of areas in theatre, both on and off stage, Sammie brings a well-rounded knowledge to her work in stage management. Having recently completed a three-year drama degree, Sammie discovered a love for stage management and revelled at the opportunity to enhance her training at GSA.

In her short time at GSA, Sammie has had the opportunity to explore different stage management roles and as a result has been delighted with the skills which she has developed, whilst engaging with professional experiences in the industry. Approaching each role with an enthusiastic and determined attitude, Sammie is eager to learn from her work and is proud of her adaptability and the ability to work as an individual and within a team.

Her recent placements have proved invaluable- Sammie has not only gained vital experience in the roles that she has undertaken, but insight into the vast range of roles and the opportunity to explore illusion effects on her placement in Back to the Future The Musical and covering the Stage LX in Dick Whittington. Sammie now feels confident and competent in her ever-expanding knowledge of technical theatre.

Throughout her career, Sammie hopes to have the opportunity to work on many different theatre productions, particularly as DSM and ASM Book Cover, in both a touring and in-house capacity.

Assistant Stage Manager (Rehearsal Placememt) Back To The Future: The Musical
Deputy Stage Manager Sleeping Beauty, PATS Studio Theatre
Back Stage Placement and Cover LX Dick Whittington, Wolverhampton Grand

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Twitter: @SammieRichards
Mandy: Sammie Alice Richards

Photo of <span>Ieuan Sion Thomas</span>

Ieuan Sion Thomas

Specialist Area: Stage and Production Management

Ieuan has many experiences with theatre both on and off the stage, from acting in musicals and Shakespeare, to building sets and directing. Ieuan throws himself into every task head first and strives to achieve outstanding results.

Ieuan found his passion for stage management whilst taking a year to study theatre in America at Newman University Kansas. There he was able to focus purely on how theatre comes to life, while being part of the work force delivering the show.

By studying applied theatre and performances in Birmingham, Ieuan understands the rehearsal process well and empathises with the needs of the cast and creative team. Ieuan has the creative skills to think outside the box and solve any problems that may arise.

When working as a Stage Manager, Ieuan brings a positive upbeat attitude that lightens the room and brings a fresh energy that inspires the team to keep moving forward no matter the obstacles.

Due to his background Ieuan has a variety of skills including sourcing props, building and painting sets and show calling. Upon graduation of the Masters course, Ieuan hopes to be working on a range of musicals.

Stage Manager The Miracle of Father Kupaun, Newman University, Kansas
Stage Manager The Dairy of Anne Frank, Bellairs Theatre
Stage Manager The Duchess of Malfi, Bellairs Theatre

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Photo of <span>Rita (Yi-Rou) Tsai</span>

Rita (Yi-Rou) Tsai

Specialist Area: Stage and Production Management

Rita is an enthusiastic and hard-working postgraduate who is deeply fascinated with performing arts. She completed a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures in Taiwan, which cultivated her excellent communication and critical thinking abilities. Also, her minor degree in Drama and Theatre and internship at a music studio provided her with a wide range of skills in technical theatre, such as set design, lighting design, and sound techniques. All this invaluable experience formed her basis for becoming a professional theatre practitioner.

During her training at Guildford School of Acting, she has expanded skills and knowledge in prop making and sourcing, costume, as well as stage and production management. Experienced in working on plays, musicals, concerts and live events, she thoroughly enjoys teamwork and is always challenging herself within various show roles, production teams and venues in Guildford and London.

Going forward, with her strengths lying in both organisation and creativity, Rita aims to pursue a career from working as an ASM to eventually a Stage Manager and Production Manager. Furthermore, based on what she has learned from Asian and British theatre, she has a keen interest to tour with worldwide companies in the theatre and entertainment industry.

Assistant Stage ManagerBA Actor Musician Showcase, Boulevard Theatre
Assistant Stage ManagerSleeping Beauty, PATS Studio Theatre
Stage ManagerRhinoceros, Umay Theatre, Taipei

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/Yi-Rou Tsai

Photo of <span>Eleanor Williams</span>

Eleanor Williams

Specialist Area: Stage Management

Eleanor is a hardworking, multi skilled Stage Manager. Having worked a wide variety of show roles during her training at the Guildford School of Acting and in her BA Drama degree at the university of Birmingham she is proficient in many different areas, including people management, communication, prop sourcing, prop making and problem-solving. She always strives for the finest standard of work with high attention to detail and clear-headed organisation.

During her training, Eleanor has ensured to gather knowledge and skills in various different theatre department in order to benefit her work. She was follow-spot for Oklahoma! at the Yvonne Arnaud, had a good knowledge of QLab and completed training on the Element lighting desk. All of these facilitate her in being a well-rounded Stage Manager and a valuable addition to the team.

With an interest in open-air theatre, Shakespeare and comedies, Eleanor is now looking to pursue work in all different stage management roles to continue to build her professional skillset and she hopes that her career will be varies and exciting!

Stage Manager Lullabies for the Lost, The Old Red Lion Pub Theatre
Assistant Production Manager BA Musical Theatre Showcase, Bellairs Theatre
Assistant Stage Manager Sleeping Beauty, PATS Studio Theatre

Curriculum Vitae

Twitter: @elliegillwill
Instagram: @eleanorwilliams_sm
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Photo of <span>Ruth Williams</span>

Ruth Williams

Specialist Area: Stage and Production Management

With a background of work from outside of the theatre industry in administration, invigilation and archives, Ruth brings a wide range of transferrable skills and knowledge to her stage and production management work. The varied groups of people that she has worked with and her methodical organisation and planning skills which she has developed in these jobs translate particularly well to management roles within the theatre industry. Ruth is a friendly reliable and hardworking individual. In her time at GSA she has brought a positive attitude to each production she has been a part of and is a calm and supportive team player.

Before deciding to seek formal training at GSA, Ruth built up experience of theatre productions in voluntary roles with Sheffield’s People’s Theatre and CBeebies at The Crucible which gave her invaluable experience of working with a professional company. Always eager to learn new skills, she relished taking on the Assistant Production Manager role for the BA Actor Musician Showcase performed at GSA and the Boulevard Theatre in London earlier this year. She is keen to pursue a varied career in stage and production management and would love to work in a producing theatre in the future.

Assistant Production Manager BA Actor Musician Showcase, Boulevard Theatre
Assistant Stage Manager The Diary of Anne Frank, Bellairs Theatre
Deputy Stage Manager Musical Differences, The Crucible Studio

Curriculum Vitae

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Photo of <span>Xu Ying (Ellyza)</span>

Xu Ying (Ellyza)

Specialist Area: Stage Management and Stage Design

Xu Ying (Ellyza) started her theatre career in Singapore with an immense passion and interest. Within the two years of honing her craft as a theatre practitioner (although her principle focus has always been in stage management), she has taken up roles such as Design Assistant, Lighting Operator, Sound Operator and Dresser, which has provided her precious knowledge and skills within various backstage departments.

During her training at Guildford School of Acting, she has widened her knowledge, enhanced her skills and consolidated her abilities theoretically and practically in a more systematic, professional and holistic manner.

Moreover, she is also seeking further study of stage design as a branch of her career path. By taking on the role of Design Assistant for GSA’s winter production of Sleeping Beauty, she was better prepared with an overview of this position. Working in wardrobe and the scenic workshop provided her with practical skills and a deeper understanding of the working process.

She believes that by working as both Stage Manager and Stage Designer, the knowledge and abilities of these two roles would benefit each other to a large extent. In her career, she aspires to be a well-rounded, creative and global theatre maker.

Assistant Stage Manager MFA Musical Theatre Cabaret, Rex Doyle Studio
Design Assistant Sleeping Beauty, PATS Studio Theatre
Assistant Stage Manager / Design Assistant The Will, Singapore Kallang Theatre

Curriculum Vitae

Twitter: @EllyzaXu
Wechat: xuying19920424